Homecoming soul! – A Tale Which Never Ends-Story Of Unsure Love

Homecoming soul Story !!

Homecoming Soul - A Tale which never end Homecoming Soul Story Of Love, she loved him
But he never did!
Noticed but neglected!
One-sided lover
Was role play!
She did everything to get him
Everyone asked do you love him
She always replied with a plain yes !!
They again ask her do you love him even if he didn’t she took a pause, breath and said yes again because she knew he never did and never will!

She asked that same question to herself – do I love this guy?
She heard her inner voice saying you love him more than you love yourself!!
She knew he was the one she would wait for even she had already given up on waiting for people in her life!!
He was the one she would give her last bites and pretend like she doesn’t even mind even when she hates doing that!!
He was the one she would always love to forgive even when he didn’t say sorry!!
He was the one she would grant the permission to take her for granted!!
He was the one who never showed emotions but she always loved to have expressive people around her!!
He was the one who she would put out of a fire even if she would burn herself!!

He was constant she never wanted to change him, he was the one she wanted to keep in her life forever she found a friend in that man like none other he was the family that she chose
He was the one she saw good in him over his bads
She wonders they can be one ever!!
He was the one who for whom her cold heart used to warm itself!
She wonders they could be one ever!!
She lost herself loving him and he never cared
No love lost No love found
Unloving him was what she decided!
The choice she didn’t quit she simply chose herself instead of continuing to try for someone who wouldn’t try for her!
Losing him was the becoming of herself!
She loved him but he wasn’t ready for her
‘ Letting him go was the homecoming of Her soul!

This is The Homecoming Soul Story 
– Anisha Ahuja

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