THE JOURNEY TAKES TIME !! – Story Of Continues Suffering By Bitter Talk

The Journey Takes Time!!

The Journey Takes Time

The journey Takes Time !! – Everyone knows that things take time!
Whether is personal, professional or something to one can relate!
To achieve what you are waiting for since long you need to be patient!
Everyone out there somehow is stuck in there past, and that’s what kills them secretly!
They want to get out of it
But still, they can’t because that also kills them!

No one needs to be so hard on themselves when you find yourself dwelling on your past and overthinking about all the misfortune you have had in the past because THE JOURNEY TAKES TIME!!
Sometimes people forget that their past is a pathway and pathway is a journey and THE JOURNEY TAKES TIME!!
Time is all that you need to give yourself
It’s you who needs to give time to yourself
To get yourself outway from the past
Don’t waste your time thinking, crying, shattering over the past and take time and plan a journey to get rid of toxic past from your life because        THE JOURNEY TAKES TIME!!
Time is all you have when you feel lost
When you feel lost
Take time and think that past has nothing to do with your present and future it will only make you lost your way because THE JOURNEY TAKES TIME!! 

So please be patient and take time to plan something really interesting for your future journeys because THE JOURNEY TAKES TIME!!

Something better is on your way so don’t lose your way in past!!

Because The Journey Takes Time Always…..

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